Simplify EV Charging with goConnect and goME

Discover the perfect combination for effortless EV charging management and navigation. With goConnect, our web management portal, remotely control your charging stations with ease. Pair it with goME, our user-friendly app, to easily locate nearby charging stations and initiate sessions on the go.
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Charging Station Management System

goConnect Charging Management System

Streamline and optimize your charging infrastructure with goConnect, a comprehensive management system tailored for effortless control and monitoring of charging stations.
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Organisation Management

Efficiently oversee organisational settings, ensuring optimal control and streamlined operations within your charging network

Location Management

Seamlessly manage charging station locations, allowing for precise control and easy accessibility for users.

Member Management

Effortlessly handle EV user accounts, facilitating smooth interactions and personalized charging experiences for each member.

Charge Station Management

Simplify the administration of charging stations, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring seamless performance across your network.

Remote Actions

Execute commands remotely, enabling quick and convenient management of charging stations from any location.

OCPP Certified

Ensure compatibility with industry standards, guaranteeing seamless integration and interoperability with other EV charging infrastructure.
EV Charging App

goME: Your Essential EV Charging Companion

Effortlessly Navigate, Track Sessions, Manage Payments, and Cards: Your Essential EV Charging Companion with goME's Intuitive Features

Discover Charging Stations

Locate nearby stations effortlessly and charge your EV with convenience and ease of access.

Session and Transaction History

Monitor and review your charging sessions and transactions conveniently for enhanced transparency and record-keeping.
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User-Friendly Interface

Navigate through goME seamlessly, ensuring efficient and straightforward interaction for all users

Add Credits to the Wallet

Top up your goME wallet effortlessly, enabling seamless transactions and uninterrupted charging experiences.

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