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Since our inception in 2018, our journey has been marked by rapid innovation and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. With a vision that sparked from observing the electric vehicle surge in The Netherlands, we've made strides in creating an ecosystem in India that supports the shift toward cleaner energy. Our purpose is clear: to manufacture intelligent, accessible EV chargers and solutions that support today’s needs while paving the way for a sustainable tomorrow. We focus on smart technology, user-centric design, and reliability for users and drive the green evolution forward.
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Solving Today's Problems, Caring for Tomorrow

Smart Solutions with an Emphasis on Simplicity

Our Vision

To be the pioneer of the electric vehicle charging ecosystem in India by striving to not only be impactful but also tender, to be progressive but also sustainable, to be smart but also simple, and to solve today’s problems while caring for the future.

Our Mission

To be a hassle-free sustainable choice for a million people by sharing our passion for a greener planet through fun, intelligent, and reliable EV charging solutions that is easily accessible to everyone.
Our Milestones

Celebrating Our Achievements


Saw our launch, fueled by the inspiration to mitigate carbon emissions through electric mobility.


goEgo was established, laying down the infrastructure for future-ready charging solutions.


Our first prototype was successfully tested with EVs from the stables of Hyundai and Tesla. We also received our 1st order and expanded our presence in 5 states


We flagged the operations of our factory / We inaugurated the operations of our factory’s manufacturing operations, where we take pride in producing our entire product range and their controllers on-site


We marked our first installations in a mall, educational institutes, and profuse partnerships with Park+, No Broker, and Handiman Services.


We've created and introduced a White-label EV charging management platform, designed to elevate your brand and propel your leadership in EV charging forward.

Our Values

Pillars of Our Culture: Key Values That Define How We Work and Interact


At goEgo, ideas are more than concepts. We embrace trial and error, iteration, failure, and perseverance to bring innovations to life.

Agile Mindset

We implement top agile methodologies at goEgo, fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment that embraces agility.


At goEgo, we cultivate and refine the entrepreneurial drive within each team member, empowering them to take ownership and initiative.


Work transcends mere location at goEgo; it defines us. Fueled by boundless passion, we are dedicated to catalyzing change and making a difference in the world.


At goEgo, crafting exceptional customer experiences is intentional, not incidental. We understand that success stems from consistent dedication to customer satisfaction.


Building a thriving enterprise necessitates a cohesive team effort. At goEgo, we champion teamwork, recognizing it as the cornerstone for collective growth and prosperity.

Sayantan Chakraborti

MD & Co Founder
Sayantan, the visionary Founder and Managing Director of goEgo, drives the company’s commitment to widespread electric vehicle use, fostering a world where charging is universally accessible and seamless. He brings a plethora of rich experiences in understanding sustainable transportation overseas.
Alumni of Rotterdam School of Management, he was stationed in the Netherlands – Europe’s leading country in electric mobility and trade before moving back to India
Sayantan had been a part of global banks and financial services companies where he worked on large ESG mandates and Impact investment portfolios.
Backed by his professional experience in the banking and financial services space his exposure to E-mobility was inevitable, It led him to believe that Electric Vehicles have the potential to replace the tailpipe pollutants from the millions of vehicles back in India.
He has led the company to be one of the most reliable EVSE equipment in India.
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