Ensuring 99% Uptime & 24/7 Service Support

Create an accessible charging infrastructure for stress-free shopping, work, and entertainment.
Reliability across all services with 100+ trained engineers.
Innovation embedded in the manufacturing core.
Accessibility is promised to every user.
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Service Support

24/7 Technical Service Support

At goEgo, we're committed to offering unparalleled support for your electric chargers. Our customer-centric process begins the moment you reach out.
Our robust L1 support operates around the clock, ready to resolve a vast array of technical issues immediately, ensuring that 80% of concerns are efficiently handled at this first level.
In cases requiring deeper expertise, we expedite L2 service tickets to the respective Charger OEMs, maintaining diligent follow-ups for quick ticket closure.
Our approach is further enhanced by strategic awareness campaigns and comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) reports.
Installation & Commissioning

Hassle-Free Installation & Commissioning

goEgo redefines the installation and commissioning of electric vehicle charging stations with our streamlined process.
From the initial digital site survey to the detailed execution of civil and electrical infrastructure work, our process is designed for precision and excellence.
We value your time and investment, which is why we offer accurate cost estimations and manage your budget effectively.
With goEgo, you're investing in a service where reliability meets meticulous care, helping you #staychargedup.
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Service Support

Proactive Annual Maintenance

Seamless Performance with Our AMC - Ensuring Peak Efficiency & Reliability. Your pathway to operational perfection
Our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is crafted to ensure your charging stations always perform at their best, with a 100% uptime guarantee.
Our expert team conducts regular inspections, maintaining charger functionality and aesthetics while ensuring safety and operational excellence.
On-site resolutions minimize downtime, and each visit concludes with a comprehensive report for continuous improvement. This proactive approach reduces service costs and enhances customer trust.
Infrastructure Management

Seamless Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management service stands as the backbone of a seamless charging experience, offering a comprehensive solution from the ground up.
Upon receiving a maintenance request, we promptly share detailed quotes and scope of work, ensuring transparency and client team involvement in the approval process.
Our meticulous attention to the infrastructure includes civil work like land levelling and foundation setting, installation of canopies and signage, and crucial electrical work, ensuring a robust and reliable charging station network.
Regular inspections and diligent maintenance work are conducted to uphold a high standard of infrastructure across the country, contributing significantly to a consistent customer experience.
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Billing & Settlements

Streamlined Billing & Settlements

We ensure smooth financial operations within the charging network.
Our process includes diligent management of Local Partner (LP) electricity payments, verification of bill accuracy, and swift resolution of discrepancies.
We prioritize timely communications and monthly revenue share payments, underpinning our commitment to satisfaction and trust.
Regular financial reporting and MIS provide a transparent overview, ensuring budgetary control and operational excellence.

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