Terms of Sale

Your Guide to Purchasing with Confidence

1. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (“Invoice”) are entered between Impactware Technology Solutions
Private Limited (“Seller/Company”) and (“Buyer”).
2. The Buyer’s assent to the terms and conditions contained in this document shall be conclusively presumed from
Buyer’s acceptance of all or any part of the goods or from payment by Buyer for all or any part of the goods.
3. Warranty starts from the date of installation. Standard Warranty is for 18 (eighteen) months, warranty shall remain
valid only if the installation is done by the Company or its authorized Installation Partner. Warranty shall lapse
immediately if the Front lid of the Product (EV Charger) is opened. Product Warranty is detailed defined on
4. This Sale is issued subject to availability of material.
5. Installation shall be done by Company or its authorized Installation Partner and separately chargeable as per
Company Policy.
6. Payment terms shall be as per the instructions printed on the face of the Sales invoice.
7. If the payment mentioned above or any other amount payable remains unpaid by the Buyer, after the same has
become due, and if such non-payment shall not be paid committed within 15 (Fifteen) Days, the Company shall
not only be entitled to claim interest @ 24% (twenty-four) per annum for the number of days of delay in recovering
the amounts due but the Company shall also be entitled to collect back the goods supplied to the Buyer through its
authorized representative/s.
8. Company shall make best efforts to meet the delivery schedule. However, the delivery schedule indicated is
tentative and may change depending on the production program of the company. Any unreasonable delay foreseen
by the Company shall be communicated to the Customer.
9. Risk associated with the goods shall pass to Buyer based on delivery terms agreed mentioned in the invoice, upon
any collection of the goods by the Buyer or with the passing of title in the goods, whichever occurs first. In cases,
where delivery is delayed due to circumstances within the responsibility of Buyer, risk of loss shall pass to Buyer
upon Company’s notification that goods are ready for dispatch and all charges, expenses or taxes associated with
the delivery shall be solely paid by the Buyer.
10. Title shall pass to Buyer only upon full payment by Buyer of the price of the goods and following all other
outstanding debt payable by Buyer to Seller (if any)
11. If Buyer requests deferral of deliveries, Company’s agreement to defer delivery shall not excuse Buyer from its
obligation to pay for the goods at the same times and in the same quantities as the original delivery schedule,
including interest due pursuant to these terms and conditions.
12. Wherever the material is delivered on credit, the company reserves its right on such material till all the payments
are received as per the terms of the Sales.
13. Orders placed by Buyer are subject to cancellation. However, on the basis of order fulfilment stages, cancellation
charges shall be;

Sr. No Order Fulfillment Stages Cancellation Charges
1 Any time after purchase order/order confirmation
2 After production and before ready to dispatch 50%
3 From dispatch to delivery 75%

13. The company shall not pay any interest, damages (including liquidated risk purchase) etc., for non-delivery of materialfor the reasons beyond its control.14. Upon failure of Buyer to pay any amounts due to Seller, or in the event of any breach or anticipated breach by buyerof any agreement with Seller, or if Buyer shall either (i) become insolvent, or (ii) a bankruptcy, insolvency,reorganization, receivership or reorganization proceeding commenced by or against Buyer, then, in each such occasion,Seller may, at its sole discretion, opt to (i) cancel this and any other definitive agreement executed with Buyer (withoutwaiving any of Seller’s rights to pursue any remedy against Buyer); (ii) claim return of any goods in the possession ofBuyer, the title of which has not passed to Buyer; (iii) defer any shipment hereunder; (iv) declare forthwith due andpayable all outstanding bills of Buyer under this or any definitive agreement executed with Buyer; and/or (v) sell allor part of the undelivered goods, without notice at public and/or on private sale, while Buyer shall be responsible forall costs and expenses of such sale and be liable to Seller for any shortfall in the discharge of the amounts due to Seller.15. Taxes shall Be charged as applicable under the relevant statute and rules applicable as on the date of invoice.16. The general terms of payment which have been negotiated for this Sales invoice will not apply to the amount of taxescollected under the Goods & Service Tax Law.